About Gatehouse

Gatehouse, an Irish traditional band, is far more than your typical group. Comprising Rachel Garvey on vocals, Jacinta McEvoy on guitar and concertina, John McEvoy on fiddle and mandola, and John Wynne on flute and whistles, this ensemble embodies a rich musical pedigree.

With a knack for tasteful interpretations of traditional songs and dynamic instrumentals, Gatehouse has enraptured audiences worldwide. Their performances seamlessly blend masterful technical proficiency with captivating vocal numbers, creating a mesmerising sonic experience.

Having toured extensively, Gatehouse’s music is characterised by infectious rhythms, soothing vocals, and subtle instrumental interplay. Their debut album, “Tús Nua,” garnered critical acclaim and set the stage for their follow-up release, “Heather Down The Moor”.

Gatehouse’s ability to infuse classic folk tunes with contemporary flair has earned them praise for their innovative accompaniment and enchanting vocals. As they delve deeper into their musical heritage, Gatehouse is poised to captivate audiences with their unique blend of tradition and modernity.

In the words of Folk Radio, Gatehouse exudes an “undeniable warmth and spirit” that is truly irresistible. If you haven’t experienced their music yet, it’s time to put Gatehouse on your musical radar.